October 24, 2011 to October 27, 2011
Roberto Nardi
Meknes, Marocco
Organizing Institution: 
ICCM, Ministry of Culture Of Morocco, The Getty Foundation, University of Cyprus
The theme of the 11th ICCM Conference is Managing archaeological sites with mosaics:from real problems to practical solutions. The conservation of mosaics on archaeological sites can appear to be an impossible task. Poor understanding of the causes of deterioration and ineffective responses result in on-going loss of these irreplaceable assets of our ancient heritage. Problems can be resolved through the conservation process, which consists of practical, complementary measures. Understanding and implementing these measures will constitute the primary theme of the Conference. Topic to be addressed are: - Articulating conservation problems of mosaics through condition survey and risk assessment - Prioritisation of interventions in mosaics and selection of practical and sustainable responses, both preventive and remedial - Implementation of interventions, maintenance and monitoring (including personal experiences, both negative and positive; and cost analysis) - Archaeological evaluation of real problems and practical solutions Secondary themes that will be discussed are: - Site personnel: roles and responsibilities in management of mosaics Training in conservation (technicians, conservators, site managers and archaeologists) - Preservation of the evidential value of mosaics: documentation, interpretation and presentation to the public. The conference is organized under the auspices of the Secretary General and the Director of Cultural Heritage of The Moroccan Ministry of Culture.