February 14, 2006 to April 30, 2007
Rome, Vittoriano; Florence, Palazzo dei Cerretani.
Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Tuscany Region. Yemeni Embassy in Rome.
Organizing Institution: 
CCA, Centro di Conservazione Archeologica
Roberto Nardi and Chiara Zizola, CCA

Two events. The first was organized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the prestigious spaces of the Vittoriana museum in Rome, to celebrate the activities of the Direction for Cooperation and Development. A series of stands illustrated the numerous projects that Italian cooperation has sponsored in developing countries. Among these were ICCROM's stand about the PREMA project for Africa and the CCA's stand, which illustrated the results obtained during the restoration of the wall paintings of the Amiriya madrasa of Radà, in Yemen.

Another event was organized by the region of Tuscany and the consulate of Yemen. For both exhibitions, the CCA exploited the space available to convey a sense of the restoration worksite, installing scaffolding inside a 1:2 scale reproduction of one of the six painted vaults of the madrasa. Outlines of restorers at work and illustrative panels permitted the visitors to appreciate the "life of a restoration worksite" and to get a better idea of conservation themes, professional training and international cooperation.