Costanzi Cobau, A.


In: Atti del II congresso nazionale dell’IGIIC, Genova 27-29 settembre 2004. Roma: Nardini editore.

In September 2001, a restoration worksite was opened in the Salone of the Palazzo Nuovo of the Capitoline Museums to treat two Roman statues from Hadrian's Villa: the Old Centaur and the Young Centaur. During the restoration, performed by the CCA, Centro di Conservazione Archeologica, the Salone of the museum was not closed to the public. We seized the opportunity to show all the phases of the work: a platform was equipped for the conservators to work on, and various cultural activities were organized at the same time in order to foster understanding of the treatment. The name "Open for Restoration" was given to the worksite and those related initiatives. This paper describes in Italian the initiatives organized during this conservation program.