March 9, 1992 to March 11, 1992
Roberto Nardi
Rome, Universiy "La Sapienza", Faculty of Classical Letters
Organizing Institution: 
Universiy "La Sapienza", Faculty of Classical Letters
University study programs in archaeology do not include any teaching in conservation and restoration. The result of this is evident to everybody: the poor state of conservation of archaeological sites, deposits and, sometime, of museums. It is therefore important to invest in this field in order to inform students of archaeology about the fragility of ancient materials and on the need to manage and protect the heritage. Prof. Cairoli Giuliani, head of the dept. of drawing and technical analysys of ancient monuments of the Faculty of Letters at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", asked Roberto Nardi to run four hours of his teaching course, divided over two days, for a seminar on "Archaeology and Conservation". About 80 students attended the seminar and participation was very active, demonstrating that young students are very sensitive to the themes of the safeguard and conservation of archaeological heritage.