Discovering the hidden side of Ephesus: Visit to St. Paul's Grotto and the Cemetery of the Seven Sleepers

Ephesus archeological site may be best known for its stunning monuments, first among all Celsius' Library, or for the wealthy decorations of Terrace House 2. In reality the boundaries of the UNESCO designation go beyond the center of the ancient city and comprise a few sites of later periods as well as historic areas of the municipality of Selçuk.

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MMC group visiting the archeological site of Hierapolis (Pamukkale, Turkey)

On Sunday the 17th of April 2016 MCC participants visited one of the most characteristic places in the Anatolian peninsula: Pamukkale and the connected archaeological area of Ancient Hierapolis. This incredible site, which has been nominated World Heritage Site by Unesco, is characterized not only by the blinding whiteness of its calcareous formations and the abundance of thermal springs, but also by its highly historical and cultural significance. Indeed, until the Early Byzantine period Hierapolis was one of the main cities of Frigia.

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MCC 2016 in Ephesus

On the 17th of March 2016 the new edition of MCC MOSAIKON courses started.
This module is the last one in the specialization phase of MCC, aimed to professional conservators that have already successfully completed previous MCC training courses.

The great news is that the course location is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ephesus, in Turkey! The MCC group is hosted by the Austrian Archaeological Institute (ÖAI) in its Excavation House in Selçuk. 

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