Safeguarding Syrian heritage: a review of online resources

Since the start of the Syrian conflict in 2011, organizations and individuals around the world have contributed in various ways to documenting the destruction of cultural heritage, fighting illicit trafficking and raising awareness among the international community. The following is a selection of online resources that provide information on the current state of Syrian heritage sites and describe initiatives for their safeguarding.

The Syrian DGAM - Directorate General for Antiquities and Museums, presents governmental initiatives to protect the country’s heritage on its website, in English and Arabic. 

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Syrian mosaics in danger: an update from the DGAM

Dr Komait Abdallah is a specialist in ancient Syrian mosaics, and Director of the scientific laboratories of the Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums (DGAM) in Damascus. In this interview he discusses current threats to the preservation of mosaic heritage in Syria.


Dr Abdallah, since the start of the armed conflict in Syria in 2011 we’ve been hearing increasingly worrying news about the state of archaeological sites in the country. What are the conditions of Syrian sites with mosaics at present?

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Conserving the Pietra Papa Mosaic

Laboratory practice is a crucial aspect of all MCC courses, and fifty percent of didactic activities is spent undertaking practical conservation on mosaics. This is intended to give the trainees the opportunity to put into practice the theory learnt during lectures, and to gain precious first-hand experience. Within the two modules of MCC Libya 2014 course, participants carried out the conservation of an original Roman mosaic in all its phases, from the initial documentation to mounting on a new support.

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A discussion about the current situation of mosaics in Lybia: issues, threats and possible solutions for the future.

Dr. Mustafa Turjman, Director of archaeological research in the Department of Antiquities (Libya) and Dr. Abdulrahman Yakhlef, Chairman of the Department of Antiquities (Libya), discuss current issues in the preservation of mosaics in the country, and how MCC Libya 2014 participants will contribute to the safeguarding of mosaic heritage, building on their experience within the MOSAIKON program.

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