Capitoline Museums, Rome, Italy
01/03/2000 to 01/07/2000
Type of Intervention: 
Packing and protecting the statues of the entire collection housed in the Palazzo Nuovo; treatments to restore, clean, consolidate, protect and wrap 1200 marble pieces.
Comune di Roma, Sovrintendenza BB.AA.SS.
Scientific Direction: 
Dott.sa Marina Mattei, Dott. Paolo Arata, Musei Capitolini
Technical Direction: 
Roberto Nardi

When the Palazzo Nuovo [New Building] of the Capitoline Museums was being renovated together with the deposit for works not on display, the Centro di Conservazione Archeologica (CCA) was asked to protect the archaeological collections and implement preventive conservation measures. The entire sculpture collection displayed in the atrium and first-floor halls of the museum was documented, analysed to identify any unstable parts and wrapped with special packaging to buffer against impact, dust, liquids and fire.

The work also extended to pieces in the museum’s storage, which was replaced by new spaces and infrastructure. The objects were documented, registered, consolidated, cleaned, inventoried and rearranged in the new storage areas.