October 12, 2010
Roberto Nardi
Lodhi Estate, New Deli
Organizing Institution: 
Intach, Italian Culture Institute, Embassy of Italy New Delhi
Conservation and restoration of cultural heritage is a practice that is undergoing a continuous evolution, both in principles and in techniques. This lecture will illustrate the contribution that the CCA, Centro di Conservazione Archeologica, provided to this process during the last 30 years. The conservation of the arch of Septimus Severus in the Roman Forum and of the Capitoline Museums in Rome (Keck Award 2004), the restoration of the painted glass wall of the Museum of Italian Art in Lima, Perù, the conservation of the submerged roman town of Zeugma, Turkey (Ministry of Culture of Turkey Award 2006), the restoration of the paintings of the Madrasa Amiriya, Yemen (Aga Kahn Award for Islamic Architecture 2007), the conservation of the mosaic of the Trasfiguration in the monastery of Saint Catherine in Sinai, and the newest and still unpublished conservation of the prehistoric sculptures of Monteprama in Sardinia, Italy, will be presented and critically commented.