Nardi, R.


In: J., Fidler, J.M., Teutonico (eds.) Monuments and the Millennium: proceedings of a conference, London, 20-22 May 1998. London: English Heritage, 214-219.

The end of the millennium and the beginning of another is an opportunity to reflect upon the state of our profession: the conservation of our cultural heritage. This paper looks at the experiences of the Centro di Conservazione Archeologica (CCA), a private firm, active for 15 years on public commission in the conservation of monuments and archaeological sites. Initially, the work of CCA was devoted solely to restoration/conservation, with the use of so-called modern techniques and materials having a significant impact on the original fabric. Today, the materials and techniques used are almost exclusively traditional (in the historic sense) and have minimal impact on the monument. In addition, our present sphere of activity is much wider and, alongside actual conservation work, we are asked to carry out documentation, training courses, maintenance and public information initiatives. Thus we recognize that our profession has finally abandoned the restoration approach for a new path in the direction of preventive conservation. proceedings of a joint conference organized by English Heritage and the United Kingdom Institute for Conservation, London, 20-22 May 1998 / Fidler, John (ed.); Teutonico, Jeanne-Marie (ed.).