Nardi, R. and Zizola, C.


ICCM Newsletter, n.10.

The project for the conservation of the mosaics of the thermae of the Cisiarii represents the practical application of one of the projects conceived in the framework of ICCROM's Forum project. The aim of this programme is to identify a safeguard policy which, once tested on a single archaeological monument, may then constitute a prototype applicable to the conservation of the entire site. The conservation project in question was developed by carrying out a direct intervention on the mosaic floors of the thermae of the Cisiarii and by applying preventive measures of safeguard. Concurrently, major emphasis was placed on offering information to the public in such a way so as to make it an active partner in the project. In this report we will describe all the phases of the project, its technical aspects and its methodological  principles. In conclusion, we will present the results of this experience.