Nardi, R.


In: Proceedings of the Triennial International Meeting on Conservation of Mosaics, Palencia, 1990.

This article present a critical review of the specialized literature as the result of a study carried out during the preparation for the first International Course on the Safeguard of Archaeological Mosaics.  Basing ourselves on the presupposition that technical texts on conservation as well as in any other professional field, are a working and updating tool which different technicians can use regardless of regional distinctions, and that they are also the bases on which new generations of professionals will train, it was decided to analyze this "tool" more in depthThe method used in this research was to carry out an analysis of the texts by emphasizing certain characteristics such as the author, its context, the topics it treats, and the areas of application.  The first part devoted to more general themes such as date of publication, language of the text, professional qualifications of the author, general characteristics of the text, was followed by a more descriptive analysis of the actual mosaic such as the type, size, the geographical position, and the causes of deterioration.  The study ends with a detailed revision of the operations described and of the technical solutions adopted.

The italian translation is also avaialable for download.