May 25, 2013
Andreina Costanzi Cobau
Università di Parigi Ouest – Building B salle des colloques, Nanterre, Francia
Organizing Institution: 
Università di Parigi Ouest
On the 22nd – 25th of May 2013 the international meeting “Interior decoration in the Eastern Mediterranean during Hellenistic and Roman times” organised by the New Archaeological Research Network for Integrating Approaches to Ancient Material Studies (NARNIA) took place. During this event Andreina Costanzi Cobau presented the process of digital documentation undertaken within the conservation project of the Mosaic of Transfiguration in the apsis of the church of Saint Catherine Monastery, Sinai. The impressive documentation project allowed the creation of a database of high-definition digital images, in a 1:1 scale, easily to reproduce and access. During her speech, Andreina Costanzi Cobau showed the options used to document the surface up to the single tesserae detail, at the same time considering the stratigraphic nature of the information gathered.