Zizola, C.


In: Atti del I Convegno Internazionale di studi "La Materia e i Segni della Storia", Piazza Armerina 9-13 aprile 2003. Palermo: Centro Regionale per la Progettazione e il Restauro.

In October 2002 at Zeugma, Turkey, due to an exceptional lowering of the water level of the artificial lake for technical reasons by the direction of the Birecik dam, one of the largest mosaics ever found there came to light. Being in an unexcavated area, it had not been found during investigations in prior years.  It is a figured polychrome mosaic of 75 m2. According to local accounts, it had suffered from an attempted theft in the 1970s, which had succeeded only in part, as discovered later on the site. Two figured panels in the center of the pavement are surrounded by complex, elaborate geometric designs. The mosaic's name derives from one of the Greek inscriptions bearing the name of Quintus Calpurnius Eutyches. This article illustrates the technical aspects of the detachment and conservation treatment of the mosaic.