Course Name: 
Indo-Italian Workshop on Stone Conservation
Intach Art Conservation Centre, New Delhi, India
Course Description: 

A three-day workshop on conservation of stone was organized by INTACH-ICCI between the 12th and 14th of October 2011, at INTACH Art Conservation Centre, New Delhi, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy of Delhi, with the Italian Cultural Centre, and with CCA Centro di Conservazione Archeologica.

Theoretical and practical lessons were aimed to professionals, experts and students in the field of archaeology and conservation.
The project was an excellent opportunity to interact and exchange knowledge with the Italian specialists on techniques and methodologies related to stone conservation.

This workshop was an attempt to understand the complexity of issues affecting Cultural Heritage in India.
India has a vast wealth of stone heritage, in the form of both objects and buildings, but weathering processes, pollution and human activity are causing irreversible changes to this heritage.
In order to preserve India’s priceless stone heritage, it is time to start building support for a long-term transfer of this knowledge.
This seminar was aimed to bring together Italian and Indian know-how in the area of conservation of stone, starting from principles and methodologies to the most recent technologies used in conservation.


The workshop covered the following topics:

  • Significance and historical message
  • Analysis of ancient technology and documentation
  • Description of different typologies and properties of stone used in decorative arts and buildings
  • Scientific analysis techniques (material characterization, assessment of the artifacts’ conservation condition)
  • Ethical principles of stone conservation and the decision-making process behind reconstruction and reintegration
  • Stone conservation methodologies
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Preventive conservation and maintenance
  • Communication and dissemination

Participants were: Prof. B.L. Agbawal, Md. Nooruddin Ansqsi, Bela Butalia, Marie Celio, Anuradma Chaturvedi, Paronita De Sarkas, Smita Dalla Makluja, Ajaydeep Gingh, Rukmuddim Inbza, Sunil Lagmate, Giujan Jupathi, M.N. Khay, Rakasi Kumar, Sonia Malliek ,Vikas Malov, Manta Mishra, M.A. Yijaya, R.K. Randan, Shilpa Raturi, Abhiran Sahi, Pankaj Tiwari, Anil Vernia.


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