Course Name: 
Course on Restoration and Conservation of Ceramics II
Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Antropología e Historia del Perú, Lima, Peru
Course Description: 

Following the first course in 1990, after the request of the UNDP regional office for South America, Roberto Nardi gave a second course on restoration and conservation of ceramics in January 1992.
The course was addressed to a group of conservators from public museums in Peru.

During this second edition, topics covered in 1990 were explored in greater depth, enabling participants to practice the techniques learned and to build on their experience after two years in their own laboratories.
This experience of comparison between what they learned in 1990 and practiced in the two-year interval provided extremely interesting and effective material for critical discussion.

In addition, this new edition of the course, again held in the laboratories of the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Lima, offered a practical opportunity to apply the principles and techniques of preventive conservation, both for materials being excavated and for those in storage.
For the first group, excavation tests were held in the museum courtyard with real recovery of Pre-Columbian ceramics, followed by micro-excavation in the laboratory.
For the second group, the objects in storage, there were sessions for planning and implementing tasks of documentation, cataloguing and anti-seismic safety measures.