Al Radi S., Nardi R. and Zizola C.


Rome: CCA, Centro di Conservazione Archeologica

The Amiriya Madrasa of Radà is one of the most important and significant monuments of Yemen. Constructed in 1504, it represents a jewel of Islamic art and architecture with its three built levels, 600 mof tempera wall paintings and extensive, elaborate plaster decorations. It is notable for the balance achieved between the size of the structures and the refinement of the details. In 2000, the CCA, Centro di Conservazione Archeologica, was asked to restore the wall paintings that decorate the Prayer Hall, as well as to train six Yemeni technicians how to maintain the wall paintings. Published by the CCA in Arabic, English and Italian at the end of the treatment, the book describes the Amiriya Project, documents the work phases, analyses the original working process and the final results obtained in the conservation of the cycle of wall paintings that adorn the Prayer Hall. The volume is accompanied by a catalogue of the decorative elements of the cycle and technical forms illustrating types of deterioration. 

The text is available for download in English and Italian.