Course Name: 
Training Course in Conservation, Restoration and Maintenance of Archaeological Structures
Masada National Park, Israel
Course Description: 

During the conservation treatment of the mosaics of the Western Palace of Masada (1994-95), and following an agreement with the Antiquities Department and Parks Agency of Israel, CCA organized and held a first professional course on restoration and maintenance of archaeological structures.

The objective of the three-week course was to give participants an overview of the principles and conservation techniques applicable to monuments and archaeological structures, with the perspective of a second course to be held in 1996 that would go more in depth on theory and techniques.

The course structure was influenced by the concurrent treatment of the monument’s mosaics and plasters, and gave participants an immediate application in the field of their theoretical lessons.

Among the course themes were: production of mosaics and painted plasters; use of lime in antiquity and in conservation; issues related to open-air display and mass tourism; periodic maintenance.

Teacher was Roberto Nardi.

Course coordinator was Asi Shalom.