Mosaic Conservation Course MCC 2016 On Site Project in Ephesus

The fieldwork project within MCC MOSAIKON courses started today, on the 10th of April 2016.
Mosaic Conservation Course 2016 On Site Project is part of MOSAIKON, an international program for the conservation of mosaics in the Mediterranean area. This experience constitute the final element of MCC, aimed to participants of the 2015-2016 specialization phase from Jordan, Libya and Tunisia.

Three conservator-restorers from the Department of Antiquities of Jordan and three from the Department of Antiquities of Libya arrived yesterday in Selcuk and will stay until the 11th of May. They joined their colleagues and fellow MCC participants from Jordan and Tunisia.

The group will attend a five-week long on site project that will focus on practical mosaic conservation. They are going to continue the work on the mosaics of the archaeological site of Ephesus, Terrace House 2, dating to the 1st century BC – 1st century AD.

Participants are undertaking all the main phases of a maintenance program for in situ mosaics and the whole intervention is being carried out in front of the public.

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