La Rocca E., Nardi R.


In: R., Ashok and S., Perry (eds.) Preventive conservation practice, theory and research: preprints of the contributions to the Ottawa congress, 12-16 september 1994, IIC, London. London: International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

In the treatment of seriously decayed monuments, the objective of the conservator is to return the monument to the point where ordinary maintenance is once again possible. One of the main difficulties is persuading administrations to approve programmes for the maintenance of newly restored monuments. Conservators have to change their language if they want to be understood. One of the strong points of maintenance is how much can be saved by developing a maintenance programme which avoids the need to repeat expensive restoration every 10 years. The authors present the maintenance programme planned for the structures of the Atrium of the Capitoline Museum and the collection of Roman sculptures on display, restored after two years of work.

Available for download in English and Italian.