May 3, 1993
Roberto Nardi
Istituto di Antichità Ravennati e Bizantine, Ravenna
Organizing Institution: 
Istituto di Antichità Ravennati e Bizantine dell'Università di Bologna, Associazione Italiana per lo Studio e la Conservazione del Mosaico (AISCOM)
The “I Colloquio dell'Associazione Italiana per lo Studio e la Conservazione del Mosaico (AISCOM)”, in Ravenna, was the occasion for Roberto Nardi to present the theme of preventive conservation of archaeological mosaics in front of an audience of archaeologists and conservators of the Ravenna area. The presentation has been characterized by the usual straightforward style, in such a way that the speaker has confronted directly the public with the theme of mosaic deterioration and poor management of excavations and archaeological sites. Main issues presented have been: there is a safeguard problem; mosaic heritage protection has been performed until now in an ineffective way; lack of planning; for each square meter of mosaic that is restored, tens are not protected due to lack of founding; a serious situation needs to be addressed in a systematic and planned way; the main cause of archaeological mosaic deterioration is men; preventive conservation begins with education.