Course Name: 
Conservation and maintenance of wall paintings
Radà, Yemen
Course Description: 

The program, promoted in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), General Direction for Development and Cooperation, focused on professional training for six technicians from the General Organization of Antiquities, Museums and Manuscripts of Yemen.
The one-year course took place in 2003-2004, during the conservation treatment of a cycle of tempera wall paintings in the Amiriya Madrasa in Radà, one of Yemen's most important monuments.

Other than attending lectures on theory and practice of conservation and maintenance of wall paintings, course participants worked alongside CCA conservators during the project. In this way they were exposed first hand to the technical aspects of the treatment, undertaking documentation techniques and developing their ability to read problems, to distinguish original materials from restoration materials, and to apply conservation methodologies.

Aim of the course was to introduce participants to professional methodologies for maintenance of painted surfaces and to build a team of technicians able to handle the future maintenance of the Amiriya Madrasa.
At the same time foundations were laid for a much longer training process, eventually intended to create a first group of local wall-painting conservators capable of looking after Yemen's rich painted heritage.

Course participants were Raga'a Abdu al-Akwa, Muhammed Salih Yahya al-Qadi, Amin Salih al- Mawari, Ahmad Abdallah al-Jahafi Adil Sa'id, Ahamed Belah, Ali Al Najib.

Teachers were Roberto Nardi and Chiara Zizola.