Riga, Latvia
Type of Intervention: 
Conservation project for the monumental war cemetery
Ministry of Culture of Lettonia, The Getty Conservation Institute
Project Designer: 
Roberto Nardi, CCA

The Brethren Cemetry is a monumental war cemetery in Riga, Latvia, a memorial for the Latvian soldiers who died in the First World War and in the Latvian War of Independence.
The cemetery dates to 1924-1936, and its garden and landscape was designed by the architect A. Zeidaks. The stone monuments of the soldiers common graves are by sculptor K. Zale, designed by the architects A. Birzenieks and P. Feders.

In 1994 CCA was asked by the Ministry of Culture of Latvia and the Getty Conservation Institute to assess the state of conservation of the stone structures and to propose options for their long-term conservation.

A careful assessment of the causes of deterioration found serious issues related to the instability of the geological plane. Following this analysis, the project drawn by CCA proposes two solutions, the first one involving engineering works aiming to stabilizing the geological plane, the second involving constant maintenance to keep the problem under control and avoiding an extremely intrusive intervention.