November 5, 2012
Roberto Nardi
Osterreichisches Archäologisches Institut, Vienna, Austria
Organizing Institution: 
Osterreichisches Archäologisches Institut
Monday, November 5, Roberto Nardi gave a talk on the Roman city of Zeugma (Turkey) at the Osterreichisches Archäologisches Institut in Wien, in Franz Klein-Gasse 1/2, at 5pm. In 2000, the ancient site of Zeugma was the subject of a major media coverage: the construction of a huge dam on the river Euphrates would have submerged one third of the city with its architectures, mosaics and paintings of extraordinary beauty. Thanks to funding generously provided by the Packard Humanities Institute, emergency excavation and conservation of important archaeological finds have been made possible. 4000 objects and 160 square meters of surfaces were removed from the site. 8700 square meters of archeological structures were reburied and protected before flooding. The program also included the restoration of 850 square meters of figurate polychrome mosaics, which are now part of one of the most extraordinary collections on display.