Costanzi Cobau, A.


In: Conservación in situ, Diputación de Palencia, 1990. Palencia, Spain. Rome: ICCROM.

Over the last few decades the question of prevention in the field of archaeology has received widespread attention that the need for collaboration between conservator and archaeologist is taken for granted. There was a reciprocal, initial misunderstanding due mainly to various deficiencies in the training of conservators who found themselves working in (ideal) conditions far different from the ideal one they were used to in the laboratory. Here the causes of deterioration are discovered, isolated and removed. Instead, the conservator working with the archaeologist has learned to maneuver in a continually changing environment, where the causes of deterioration are directly linked to the most specific instrument of archaeology itself: the excavation. Archaeological conservation must step away from the concept of "first aid" emergency treatments and consider instead all the prevention and safeguarding operations that take into account the immediate surroundings, and generally have no evident verification.