Basilica of S. Gavino, Porto Torres, Sassari, Italy
01/03/1995 to 01/04/1995
Type of Intervention: 
Non destructive analysis, in situ consolidation, protection with contact covering
ICCROM, Soprintendenza Archeologica di Sassari
Scientific Direction: 
Dott.sa Antonietta Boninu, Soprintendenza Archeologica di Sassari
Technical Direction: 
Roberto Nardi

The archaeological area is found on both sides of the Basilica of S. Gavino, in the center of Porto Torres.
On the left-hand side, called Atrium Metropoli, a necropolis with “cappuccina” tombs was found. They were mostly covered with a layer of mortar with funerary inserts in marble.

The tomb being restored was the only one in the area with mosaics, and can be dated to around the 5th century AD.

In the context of the ICCROM Forum program for studying new methods to conserve mosaics in situ in archaeological areas, the Centro di Conservazione Archeologica (CCA) implemented a program of on-site conservation with lime-based materials and protection with contact coverings.