Roman houses of S. Paolino alla Regola, Rome, Italy
01/01/1994 to 01/12/1994
Type of Intervention: 
In situ consolidation with lime-based materials
Comune di Roma, Sovrintendenza BB.AA.SS.
Scientific Direction: 
Dott.sa Paola Virgili, Comune di Roma
Technical Direction: 
Roberto Nardi

The archaeological complex of S. Paolino alla Regola lies beneath 16th century Palazzo degli Specchi, facing S. Paolino alla Regola in Rome.
In Flavian times, during the last decades of the 1st century AD, the zone teemed with warehouses, perhaps including the Vespasian Horrea mentioned in literary sources as Domitian’s work.
The area stretched parallel to the Tiber between via dei Pettinari and via Arenula.

During excavations in the late 1970s, rooms were found with mosaic, fresco and plaster decorations. 
The CCA acted to eliminate the risk of collapse and re-establish favorable conditions for maintaining the plasters and mosaics on their original supports so that the site could be opened to the public.

Bearing in mind the artifacts’ special environment, various preventive measures were adopted to protect the excavation’s delicate internal micro-climate. The risk was significantly reduced by the simple installation of instruments to maintain a stable ratio of air temperature and relative humidity.