Side, Turkey
01/09/1995 to 01/10/1995
Type of Intervention: 
In situ conservation of polychrome mosaics, backfilling, protection and maintenance
Ministry of Culture of Turkey, UNESCO, ICCROM
Scientific Direction: 
Ulku Izmirigil, Institute for Conservation and Restoration, Istanbul
Technical Direction: 
Roberto Nardi
Educational Program: 

Once a Greco-Roman city, Side still retains traces of wealthy patrician homes overlooking the gulf of Antalya. One of these is a two-story building in the center of the modern city. It has a large central hall with a figured polychrome mosaic pavement, still in situ.

During a training program for personnel from Turkey’s cultural heritage administration, the CCA was asked to implement an on-site conservation treatment of the mosaic. The treatment acted as an introduction to in-situ mosaic conservation techniques in a training context. Cleaning, consolidation with lime-based materials, stuccoing, treatment of gaps, protection and maintenance were done on site by the CCA conservators, assisted by Turkish students.

The treatment took two months, after which the space was temporarily covered and then definitively opened to the public.