The Zeugma project (2000-2004) involved the CCA in a major technical and logistic effort and required difficult and courageous choices from methodological and professional standpoints. Some of the elements that made this treatment complex and unique were: in situ conservation by reburial of part of a Roman city about to be submerged under the waters of the Euphrates; restoration of 1000 m2 of mosaics that had been detached haphazardly in previous years; and emergency treatment of thousands of archaeological finds. All of this took place under hardship conditions in a remote location.

Only the determination and enthusiasm of the young conservators, combined with the project leader’s experience, made a successful operation possible. For this reason and the conservators’ deep commitment to preserving Zeugma’s ancient remains, the Minister of Culture of Turkey, Atilla Koç, wished to express the gratitude of the Ministry and the Turkish authorities to the CCA. He personally delivered a recognition plaque to the director, Roberto Nardi, at a solemn ceremony in June 2006.

The text of the plaque reads as follows: “Mr. Roberto Nardi, I wish to express my gratitude in the name of my Ministry and my Country for the support you have given for the mosaics of the ancient city of Zeugma, which the Turkish people and all of humanity have acquired thanks to your contribution.” Atilla Koç, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, June 2006.