Chiara Zizola received her degree in 1993 in conservation of paintings, stuccoes and architectural surfaces from ICR, Istituto Centrale per il Restauro di Roma (now ISCR). The following year she specialized at the same institution in conservation of stone and mosaics.
During her education she pursued her high interest in the study of original execution techniques and materials, through analyses of materials and sources. This interest, which she has never stopped pursuing, leads to her degree dissertation on restoration of the Medieval frescoes of the Ancient Testament in the Abbey of San Pietro in Valle in Ferentillo.

Within the profession she is inclined to a technical and methodological approach based on humanistic principles, inspired by preventive conservation and the use of traditional materials.

During over 25 years of activity within CCA, she took part to thirty conservation projects on different materials, in this way being able to keep on deepening her knowledge.
She managed on site CCA’s conservation projects in Zeugma, Turkey, Radà, Yemen and Saint Catherine in Sinai, Egypt.