Nardi, R.


Proceedings of the 4th European Commission Conference on Research for Protection, Conservation and enhancement of Cultural Heritage, Strasbourg 22-24 November 2000.

The real emergency today and even more tomorrow, will not be in those sites in the urban environment, known, visited and sometimes also maintained, but in the tens of thousands of sites where decay and destruction are everyday events because they have been abandoned, or because they are poorly managed. Sites that yesterday enjoyed a “a certain oblivion”, but today are entering more and more into the big circuit of so called “cultural tourism”. Everyday cultural property suffers irreversible damage due to the lack of even minimal protective measures. This article presents three initiatives carried out by the Centro di Conservazione Archeologica in the field of training, maintenance and raising awareness. The first initiative is relative to a training programme for site directors, that CCA organised for UNESCO financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The second initiative is related to the study and application of techniques of maintenance of archaeological structures in sites open to the public. The third and last initiative concerns the raising awareness to themes of fragility of the cultural heritage and its safeguarding. An exhibition entitled “S.O.S. Save Our Sites” made up of 26 panels, divided into three sections, in English and Arabic organised by CCA for the Amman Office of UNESCO is presented.