Course Name: 
Training course on in situ mosaic conservation
Utique, Tunisia, Maison de la Cascade
Course Description: 

The course took place within the context of a program aimed at giving professional training to six technician from the Institute Nationale du Patrimonie de la Tunisie. The program was started in 1998  by the GCI, Getty Conservation Institute and the Institute National du Patrimonie de la Tunisie, and it was implemented by CCA, Centro di Conservazione Archeologica , Roma.


Didactic activities followed a “hands on” approach and the course was held in Utique, Tunisia, Maison de la Cascade.

Main topics covered in the course were documentation, traditional materials and in situ conservation techniques. The course is the first one of a series.

Teacher was Roberto Nardi, and course assistants Romana Albini and Marcella Orrù.