Archaeological Museum of Gaziantep, Turkey
01/01/2001 to 01/12/2003
Type of Intervention: 
Conservation treatment of objects in bronze, iron, ceramic and stone
The Packard Humanities Institute, Ministry of Culture of Turkey
Scientific Direction: 
Roberto Nardi
Technical Direction: 
Roberto Nardi

The excavation conducted in 2000 at Zeugma brought to light a large quantity of objects in stone and metal:

architectural elements, objects of everyday use, coins, seals, jewelry and much more, often of fine workmanship.

All together, the objects make up a valuable collection that provides important elements for understanding the city's daily life, commerce, technology, administrative life and history.

To ensure the survival of these finds for study and public display, there was immediate conservation action during the excavation followed by complete treatment in the laboratory.

A total of 1532 objects were stabilized, cleaned and consolidated, and their storage was arranged for long-term conservation.