Course Name: 
Training Course on Maintenance of in situ Floor Mosaics
Zippori, Israel
Course Description: 

As part of the conservation program for the mosaics of the Nile building of Zippori, Israel (which has 11 polychrome pavements from the 3rd century AD), CCA also trained four technicians from the staff of Zippori National Park in maintenance techniques.
At the same time, some technicians from the Israeli Department of Antiquities participated in conservation activities alongside CCA conservators, in order to learn the conservation techniques employed.

This theoretical and practical course took place in April-June 1995, in order for the Antiquities Department to have a team able to deal with periodic maintenance of the building’s surfaces and roof once the conservation treatment was over.

Basic techniques of surface cleaning, check of drainage systems, manual and chemical weeding, consolidation of detachments with lime-based mortars and fix of stuccoing or edges were the main topics covered.
A schedule for periodic maintenance was drawn up at the end of the training period so that the technicians could follow the indications supplied.

Course partecipants were Ze’ev Pogrenithi, Gregori Mirsky, Salomon Paller, Moshe Nodelman.

Teacher was Roberto Nardi.

Course assistants were Romana Albini, Andreina Costanzi Cobau and Chiara Zizola.