Gennaio 18, 2010 to Gennaio 19, 2010
Istituzione Organizzatrice: 
ICCROM, MOSAIKON, ICCM, Getty Foundation, Getty Conservation Institute.
Paesi Partecipanti: 
Karen Abend, project assistant; Catherine Antomarchi, ICCROM; Zaki Aslan, ICCROM; Aïcha Ben Abed (Tunisia + Coordinator MOSAIKON); Mourad Bouteflika (Algeria); Evelyne Chantriaux (France); Gaël de Guichen, (ICCROM consultant); Hande Kokten (Turkey); Demetrios Michaelides (Cyprus); Isabelle Skaf (Lebanon); Mounir Bouchenaki, ICCROM; Roberto Nardi, CCA; Ton Wilmering, the Getty Foundation; Chiara Zizola, CCA
On January 18 e 19, 2010, 14 professionals met at ICCROM in order to discuss a new project "Mosaic conservation in museums" to be carried out in the Mediterranean region as part of Mosaikon. The aim of this meeting was to plan the structure of an exciting and relevant course on the conservation and use of lifted mosaics in museum displays and storage. During the meeting, participants not only adddressed the question of relevant and appropriate content for the course, but also explored ways and means by which the course will encourage the development of a certain attitude or approach to the field. The project will be directed by ICCROM in the context of Mosaikon.